Ground Mounted Solar Solutions

What is the ground mounted solar power plant?

Ground-mounted solar panels are solar panels installed on the ground instead of rooftops. They're suitable for properties with limited roof space or where rooftop installation isn't feasible.

How does a ground mounted solar power plant work?

Ground-mounted solar panels work similarly to rooftop panels. They absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity through photovoltaic cells. The generated electricity is then used to power homes or businesses, contributing to a sustainable energy source.

Advantages of Ground Mounted Solar Solutions

Flexibility in Installation
Reduced Energy Bills
Increased Energy Production
Easy Maintenance
Perfect Sunshine Alignment

Why choose KCP as your ground mounted solar power plant solution provider?

  • First company in India to deduce the subsidy in advance payment itself.
  • First time in India with a 25 years replacement warranty inverte
  • Five years free operation & maintenance.
  • ยท We use BI-Facial solar modules to increase the 10 % of energy generation and efficiency
  • First EPC Company in India to have a dedicated customer support team.


Who is the best ground mounted solar power plant provider in Salem ?
KCP Eco Energy emerges as the premier provider of ground-mounted solar panels in Salem. Our dedication to quality and sustainability ensures reliable solutions customized to your requirements. Reach out today to explore how we can assist you in adopting renewable energy practices.
Are ground mounted solar panels worth it?
Yes, ground-mounted solar panels are worth it. They offer flexibility, higher energy production, and potentially greater returns on investment compared to rooftop installations
How tall are ground mounted solar panels?
The height of ground-mounted solar panels typically ranges from around 4 to 8 feet, depending on factors such as panel tilt angle and mounting system design
What are Ground mounted solar panel kits?
Ground-mounted solar panel kits are pre-packaged sets of components and equipment designed for easy installation of solar panels on the ground. These kits typically include solar panels, mounting structures, inverters, wiring, and sometimes batteries or other accessories, providing a comprehensive solution for generating solar energy in locations where rooftop installation is not feasible.

Ready to Harvest Solar Power from Your Land?

Transform your vacant land into a hub of renewable energy with our ground-mounted solar solutions

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